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What is abuse?

Abuse is when someone causes us distress or harm. It can occur anywhere: in your house, in someone else’s home, in a care home, hospital, or a public place. Often the people who commit abuse are taking advantage of a personal or special relationship.


There are many types of abuse that can be inflicted on women (and men too). For example: violence, physical abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, disrespect, sexual abuse, financial abuse, manipulation, and even verbal or non-verbal abuse.


This website currently lists ten common types of abuse. However, there are many more. You will learn more about:

• Each type of abuse.
• How to end abuse.
• How to get help.
• Where to go for help.
• How to create a safety or escape plan.


This website was created with funding from Comic Relief in partnership with The Clothworker Foundation and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

We, as deaf women with a range of hearing loss and communication needs, require accessible information on how to keep ourselves safe and how to protect our children and families in our own homes, at work and elsewhere.


Also, funded by DPCC with Deaf Abuse Free Project.